Bathroom renovation | Дизайн и интерьер

Bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation | Дизайн и интерьер

How to start a repair in the bathroom and little things you should pay attention?

Before you start repairs the bathroom, you need to imagine the location of the bathroom, towel warmer, what will be the wall, as the fan is turned on. Based on this data, you can start drawing up a plan for communications, Sewerage and water, and electricity supply points.


Create a bathroom project

It would be ideal to make not only a sketch of the future bathroom, but an exact plan where the location of the outlet, furniture,switches, plumbing, etc. will be indicated. After all, at this stage you can choose and purchase everything you need for repairs.

It is important to pay attention to the location and number of outlets. After all, you need to take into account that they are needed for: washing machine, hair dryer, boiler, electric heated towel rail, razor. How will you turn on the ventilation — a separate switch or together with the light?


It is necessary to take out all the old things

In a new building, this stage is missing during repairs. In other cases, you should remove the bath, faucets and sink from the room. It is better to remove the entrance doors in order to make it easier to enter building materials. And then remove the Wallpaper, paint, tile. All this must be done very carefully so that cracks do not form in the floor and walls.


Change of communication

Using the previously drawn up plan, start making the wiring of sewer pipes and electrical wiring, water pipes. Dilapidated pipes must be replaced. Also pay attention to the condition of the pipes between the floors. so that they don’t leak in the future.

The wiring must be removed. They will have to be changed, since the old wiring is not adapted to the loads of modern electrical appliances.


To align the walls and floors

Floors and walls must be well leveled. In any case — with plaster, putty or drywall — it should be done very efficiently. Do not think that in the case of curvature,you can put a lot of glue under the tile.

The smooth surface provides good adhesion to finishing materials — they will not «float» and will hold securely for a long time. Do not skimp on the quality of materials, it is better to find available offers: use loyalty cards of building materials stores, follow promotions.



After you have finished leveling, you can start finishing the walls, floor and ceiling. Usually in other rooms finishing is done from top to bottom: first the ceiling, then the walls, and then the floor. In the bathroom, the order is different — the ceiling is done last. If necessary, you can keep the traditional order.

After finishing, install plumbing: connect the toilet, sink, bath, shower and washing machine to the sewer and water supply.

The next step is to install furniture and accessories. At the very end of the work, you need to put the door. Provide ventilation holes in the door to avoid a situation where there is no fresh air when the door is closed.

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